Design/Process Capability
Design/Process Capability
Our professional team following up early design and prototype proofing
We have professional engineering technology team and management team. The company adopts ERP management system to ensure the reliability and traceability of products. We aim to provide you with a wide variety of services.

Design Process

Our experienced engineering design team can join with customer in the early stage of benchmarking projects, and help with our company's accumulated project FMEA experience and mature product control plan (CP) to quickly import the analysis of new projects.

  • Our engineers use the latest design software to design mold and fixture, manufacturing process flow, analyze the project and make DFM, discuss the feasibility of the project with customers, and bring forward reasonable suggestions to effectively reduce the R & D cost of customers

  • Our company invest heavily in test equipments including high and low temperature test, fatigue test, salt and fog test, tension and pressure test, torque test, environmental compliance test, to guaranteed high-quality raw materials and other aspects ensures the high-quality output of engineering pieces

  • We have a number of senior engineers and technicians with various skills willing to cooperate with engineers to develop the most challenging projects using our professional and technical knowledge. From initial development to sample piece, and to small scale production and mass production, we make sure we satisfy customer's quality reuirement for new products.

  • We frequenctly and continuously modify and improve our mold and fixtures, to guaranteeproduct quality and makes our customer feel confident in our products.

  • Our working places has reasonable layout and bright and clean working environment,  our employees follows rigorous operation guidance and are well-trained, ensuring our consistent precision quality


Production Process

World class advanced equipment, advanced quality management system, lean production management system, bright and clean working environment, excellent engineers and technicians, well-trained workers and other impactable factors have all contributed to our consistent precision quality.

  • A strong R & D engineer and technician team, equipped with advanced equipment, through accumulated experience, technology and continuous innovation, constantly solve the difficulties in the process from R & D to production, which is a powerful guarantee for consistent precision quality.

  • Engineers and technicians worked together to tackle the stability problems found in the production process, and developed and produced special testing fixtures to ensure the consistent precision quality. 

  • Excellent inspection and testing guidance use by dedicated inspectors to find problems in time, confirm problems and give warnings to ensure consistent and precise quality

  • The development of ERP system by IT engineer solves the real-time integration of the exported data of ERP system and automatic detection equipment, rapidly improves the data processing ability and efficiency, and effectively solves the timely warning of quality by inspectors

  • The continuous maintenance and development of ERP system, rigorous batch number traceability system and hard-working cooperation team have accelerated the turnover of goods, shortened the delivery cycle and ensured high quality and consistent precision quality